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During 26 years of our successful activity we have built the credentials in the market for tourist and business travel services.
Andrey Berezikov

Explore Our Features:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service is the Russian Travel Company with an established brand name for servicing the business and leisure travelers in Russia.

EYE VISTA Hotel Service is licensed by the Russian authorities to provide inbound travel services.

The record in Federal Tour Operator List is RTO - 002219

To assist foreign citizens with visa support to Russia the Company is officially registered with the General Department for Migration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We provide the following services:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service renders its services in compliance with state-specified rules governing provision of tourism facilities to high international standards.
  • Booking of hotels 3* to 5* in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia
  • Allotment of rooms in Izmailovo Hotels 3* - 4* in Moscow
  • Visa support for foreign citizens
  • Conference service
  • Transport services
  • Airline and train tickets reservation
  • Medical insurance
  • Services for groups and individual travelers
  • Guides and interpreters
  • Sightseeing programs, excursions and guided tours
  • Tickets to Moscow and St. Petersburg entertainment

Our professional staff is happy to assist you in Russia:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service operates a flexible pricing policy and offers a discount system for delegations, tour groups and regular clients.

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Excursions in Russia
  • Business trips
  • Educational and guided tours
  • Domestic tours
  • Group tours
  • Individual tours
  • Tailor made tours
  • Small and large groups
  • 24 hours a day daily support

Our mission:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service is constantly devising new excursion programs, hotel accommodation, new possibilities and facilities for different events.
  • Our main goal is to develop business and cultural relationship between people and states in the whole.
  • The high hospitability standards set by our professionals in business-related and tourist travel services task us to deliver unmatched assistance to our client to make his or her time in Russia free of the worries that inevitably confront people arriving to the foreign land.

  • Approaching in business the principles of open, long-term, mutual beneficial relationships with partners constantly increases the Company status on Russian tourist market and creates the image of a reliable Russian partner that in its turn helps to create the positive image of the unique and developing environment that is Russia.
  • EYE VISTA Hotel Service's concept of quality bases on meeting the needs of all visitors coming to Russia for travel services.

Client relationships:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service is guided by the principles of protection of the interests of our clents in Russia.
  • We do our best to achieve the continuous improvement in quality of service to meet and exceed the expectations of every client.
  • We are setting standards that distinguish our performance as consistently achieving norms beyond those of our peers and competitors.
  • We quarantee the quality of client dedication unwavering in its fulsomeness, delivering the same level of personal commitment to all those seeking our expertise and assistance.

Supplier relationships:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service values our reputation as a conscientious and reliable partner in all fields of incoming in Russia.

  • We selects our suppliers on the basis of alternative choice and conducts a continuing assessment of their service performance.
  • We follow the principle to control the services granting to our clients by the third parties in advance.
  • We always follow our contractial and finance obligations and payments.
  • We deal with the professionals and licensed authorities and institutions.
  • We are open for new contacts and new ideas.

The range of key concepts

We reach the goal focuses with our priorities:
Priority 1
Developing and consistently improving the Company's processes control, maintaining and supporting a system of quality management that addresses political and economic circumstances and market demand.
Priority 2
Working to principles of transparent, long-term and mutually-profitable relationships with clients and suppliers, building the Company's status on the business travel market and consolidating its reputation as a reliable purveyor of quality service.
Priority 3
Developing and improving the range and standard of services available to travelers to the Russian Federation.
Priority 4
Staff training, which elevates personnel development, experience and obtaining appropriate industry qualifications to the highest level of priority.
Priority 5
Continuing commitment to efficient financial management to ensure effective service delivery in the interests of both the Company and the clients whom we are striving to serve.
Priority 6
Consistent monitoring and assessment of performance-management analysis alongside procedures to enhance delivery in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards.

The Company's obligations:

EYE VISTA Hotel Service welcomes, recognizes and respects the obligations placed upon it by legislation governing the tourist, travel and business services.

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